How do I learn to have a pain-free birth?


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(prize 400,- for 4 dayparts from 10.00-13.00 inclusive 4 times group hypnose)

With subjects we will speak about:

  • Is it really possible to have a pain free birth of my child?
  • How can I prepare my body for labour?!
  • How can I make a connection with my unborn child?!
  • How do I learn to do not feel the pain from the delivery?!
  • How do I cooperate with my baby during labour?!
  • How do I do self hypnose during my pregnancy?
  • How can positive affirmation help me during labour?!
  • What can I do to make my baby feel welcome at the day she or he is born?!

These are some of the subjects we will discuss. I would really want to listen to the subjects you find most interesting and are most necessary to discus. The dates wil be planned together with the participants.

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