How do I get a healthy body?


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This workshop contains of 4 dayparts ( 4 Saturdays from 10.00-13.00) which will guide you towards a healthy and fit body.

Which subjects we will speak about:

  • How do I treat my body?
  • How do I speak to myself? Unconsciously…
  • How can i change my negative relationship towards foods?
  • How do I learn to love myself?
  • Nutrition is life energy!
  • When to use supplements and when not.
  • How do I stop the jojo effect?
  • How do I use self hypnose in all aspects of my life?

These are some of the subjects we will discuss. I would really want to listen to the subjects you find most interesting and are most necessary to discus. The dates wil be planned together with the participants.

If you have some more questions, please do not hesitate to email me at